Monday, October 24, 2011

Married Life Update :)

Married life is fabulous! We have had the best time adjusting to living together and combining our lives into one! Now that all the stresses of planning a wedding are gone we are able to focus on us and our new family :) So here's a lil recap about what is new with us. :)

We went to Hawaii on our honeymoon. Besides the 6 hour flight delay and the naked guy we found in our hotel room. We had a great time! It was so beautiful and relaxing. I wish we could just stay there forever, we definitely did not want to go home. We went snorkeling, relaxed at the beach, went to the Laie Temple, the Polynesian culture center, and Pearl harbor. We had a fun little adventure living in paradise for a week. Then it was back to reality and work. We love our little apartment but I hope one day we are able to go back to Hawaii and do all the stuff we weren't able too. 

So Stewart has a conditional job offer with ASU police department to be a police dispatcher. "Conditional" means that if he gets past all the test and such he will be hired. So far so good! He's supposed to start October 31st! He has his polygraph scheduled for today and psychological exam scheduled for Wednesday. So as long as he doesn't lie (passes polygraph) and isn't crazy (passes Psyc exam) we should have a new job!! For those of you who don't know Stewart. Stewart has always wanted to be an officer so finally getting his foot in the door and onto the right track is very exciting for us. Angela, his step mom, has been a police dispatcher at ASU for awhile and so he will get to work with her. Also, working for ASU allows us to get a nice BIG discount for schooling, so its back to school for us, hopefully for this upcoming semester. :)

As for me, I am still working customer service for ADT. I love my job. I am grateful for the people I work with, they make my job fun and I feel like I have grow so much the past year that I have worked here. It has taught me patience and really good communications skills which is always a plus when dealing with crazy customers. We just hired a bunch of new people and I really like ALL of them so that's always good :)

Me and Stewart have went thru car transformations these past few months. Stewart sold his Chevy truck and now has a  2006 Malibu, which helps us save a lot in gas. I think guys have a thing about driving trucks, so I felt really bad when we had to sell his. But he has adjusted well to having a car. :) I sold my little red Hyundia Tiburon too, and I now have a  2008 Pontiac G6. I really love it! Even Stewart likes it. :) :) 

Last week we took Kristi (Stewart's adorable lil sis) to the fair. She had never been before and we both had not been in forever so we decided to spend the day with her and then go to the AZ state fair. It was SOOOOO fun! We rode the Ferris wheel. We ate fried Twinkies and Snickers, and we even had Icees. We  won a stuffed unicorn! YES, you heard that right. A STUFFED UNICORN :) After wasting a bunch of tickets throwing darts at ballons, we finally won. Stewart was just a little annoyed with our excessive ticket spending on wining this unicorn but me and Kristi were so excited. We had looked through all the booths just to find one that had stuffed unicorns. hahaha! Ever since that day I have had a strange obsession (craving) for Icees. I think I forgot how yummy they were and Stewart is ok with my new addiction because he doesn't mind them at all either. :) Who wouldn't want a Icee all the time?! They are so yummy!

We went back to our old ward yesterday to see one of our good friends, Parker Brodale, give his mission farewell talk. Parker is probably one of the nicest guys I have ever met and he gave such a good talk. We were both really glad we went because we also got to see all of our  friends. We have only been married a month and a half but we miss everyone so much. It felt good to have so many people excited to see us. We love that ward. I'm pretty sure the worlds best bishop resides there and some of the worlds most amazing people. We have a special appreciation for it because not only did we meet there but I don't think we would be were we are today without it.

Sorry for such a long post! It's been a busy month and a half! but we promise to try to get this as up to date as possible. :) But moral of the story is being married is a blast. I love being with my best friend every moment possible. He is such a good hubby. He cooks, he cleans, he wakes me up with breakfast in bed and kisses. He makes me feel like a princess. We have enjoyed living together and figuring this whole marriage thing out. Its not always easy but  we wouldn't trade it for anything. We are so grateful to have each other and we feel we have been blessed in so many different ways. We have a new appreciation for each other. Being married is so much different then dating. Its a lot harder but at the same time there are so many benefits that out weigh all the hard times. Growing more and more in love has been the best. I'm so blessed to have married such a wonderful man.

The Ferrins