Sunday, January 1, 2012

A close to 2011

So Saturday, Dec 31, 2011 Bree and I took a 355 mile trip to visit her brother Ashton.

Now before I go into our day, let me warn you that I like sharing details and pictures of things that arent really the most important or exciting parts of storys, or in this case, our trip.... non the least, sit back and enjoy!

We had such a great time on our trip. We left around 10 am and headed towards Payson... the drive was nice and we made some pretty good time... of course we wanted to make it there safe, but it helps when there was light traffic and no highway patrol on the road.  We made a little pit stop at the Mcdonalds, bathroom break and then headed on to Show Low. We stopped at Walmart and bought some flowers, and some gloves to play in the snow.  We then proceded to Pinetop-Lakeside to visit Ashton. 

  While standing at his grave watching my wife place flowers at his headstone, I felt that he was right there. While I have never met him, that wonderful spirit I felt let me know what kind of guy he was and I long for the day that I get to grab him by the hand and pull him in for a big hug! Even though he isn't physically here with us, he still is making an impact on people, especially those that never knew him. I'm so grateful that my wife Bree wanted to make that trip!

So after a nice visit with Ashton, we drove around and saw Bree's great grand parents house, or at least where they used to live when they were alive.  Right across the street was the Pinetop-Lakeside Police Dept. Brees's dad used to work for the Police Dept there and as some of you know I like to make diecast police cars and so I had to take the opportunity to take some pictures.  I went inside, talked to a dispatcher who checked with the Sgt and then I was given the okay, to walk around to the back and snap some shots.... granted, not the coolest looking police cars, but I just had to post a pic....  We then went to Grumpy Jakes BBQ which is apparently the BEST BBQ is Pinetop-Lakeside.... and I have to agree!

The trip then consisted with a imprompute snow fight on the side of the US 60 a couple miles outside of Showlow..... we then enjoyed a nice ride on the way home.  We were really the only ones on the road which was nice to be able to drive at a nice pace and still have some sight seeing.  We happened to pass a Highway Patrol officer.  He drove past us in the opposite dirrection, and as soon as we passed, I saw him pull off to the side, flip a U-turn, activate his lights and start to come behind us.  Up and to this point in my life, I have NEVER had a ticket..... It was a 55 MPH zone, and I had to only of been doing 63 MPH which isnt that big of a deal..... SO...... here he comes, lights and sirens on and stops.... the guy behind us!  I still have my unbroken record! We had a quick stop in Globe.  I say quick becuase the restaurant we wanted to eat at was closed, I guess thats what happens when you try and eat on New Years Eve. We looked around for other places but some of them were so scary looking, we decided to just keep on going.  Of course, We drove right by the Globe Police Dept and I took some advantage of some pics there..... There is this really old Train out in front, so Bree and I took some pics with it.

We came back into town and ended up at her parents house to bring in the New Year. We had steak, corn, potatoes, candy, chips and dip, and apple cider.  We watched Paul Blart, Mall Cop and played a game called "Mexican Train"..... not sure if you know what it is, but is a matching game with dominos pieces.....

Now Bree and I have some great times and being married for the last 3 1/2 months have been so much fun!  This year has been great....!  Ive been sealed to the love of my life and I wouldnt want to be married to anyone else!  We both were blessed with job improvements, Bree got a promotion, and Im finally working for a Police Dept with has been so much fun and totally awesome.  Mitchell came home from his Mission, Bree and I finally got callings in the church, Bree is teaching the 3 year old sunbeams, and Im a ward missionary.... 
 2012 should be an awesome year.  So far it has been great!  Bree and I are at the close of a 4 day weekend together, we have been able to grow together, get to know eachother more, and love eachother more. We have had so much fun, trips, shopping, family, friends, heck we even moved our bed out in the family room and had a movie night! I can only assume that it will continue on this year....!  :)

What will 2012 bring?  I dont know, but whatever it is im really excited, especially since it will be right along side with my beautiful wife Bree! I love you sweetie!

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