Saturday, April 14, 2012

{Our Baby Story}


In January we found out we were having a baby! Due September 25th! So we are about 17 weeks along and should know the sex of the baby in about a week and a half! Our own bouncing sweet precious baby. We are excited, nervous, ecstatic, nervous, so blessed, and so nervous. Everyone always dreams of the day they will have their own sweet baby but now that the day is fastly approaching, the reality of it all is quickly settling in. As many of you know Stewart's schedule has been very crazy this year. He gets the pleasure of working the 9pm-7am night shifts as a 911 dispatcher and on a Saturday night in January I was home alone while he was at work. I decided to take a pregnancy test. I didn't expect it to come back with those two lil pink lines that say your pregnant and when it did I may have freaked out just a little bit. We hadn't necessary planned to have a baby right away but we also weren't completely oppose to it either. We knew that heavenly father knew when we would be ready to be parents. Seeing those lil pink lines made me question that for a few minutes though. Was I ready to be a mom? I was just barely mastering the skill of being a good wife, there is no way I was capable of being responsible for another human being... But those scary thoughts quickly went away when I told my sweet husband about our lil baby. Since he was at work when I found all this out I had to keep this secret all night long. Talk about no sleep! I didn't want to just blurt it out in a text, and he cant talk on the phone, so I was forced to wait till morning. Longest night of my life. Since I couldn't sleep I spent the night coming up with a clever way to break the news to him. I decided to make a little video. It said first comes love and had pictures of us while we had dated, then comes marriage, and pics of our wedding day, and after that it said and then comes the baby and it had a picture of the positive pregnancy test. So at 7:30 the next morning when my hubby came home (looking like a zombie, cause he had no sleep). I told him I had a surprise for him. I think at first he thought I was semi-crazy, who makes a random video for their spouse for no reason with a bunch of pics he'd seen a million times before?! I do! I told him he wasn't aloud to say anything until the video was over because he needed to watch the WHOLE thing. Being a good sport he sat down and watched the video. When it got to the part that said and then comes marriage, it all clicked. He immediately said "NO WAY! I know what this is, I don't need to see the rest." (side note: You see, I'm not a very good at keeping exciting secrets, and when this video was playing I was crying like a baby the whole time, probably hormones and impatient excitement to see his reaction but I think my face probably gave it away too.) So when he realized exactly what the video was about my tears turned quickly into sobs. When he finally looked at me he had tears in his eyes too and gave me a big hug. Ah finally someone to share my special secret with. :) 

One of the best feelings in the world, okay I take that back, TWO of the best feelings in the world are hearing that baby's heart beat for the first time and seeing it wiggle round in an ultrasound for the first time. It never gets old! I could watch it move and listen to that quick thump thump all day long. So baby is completely healthy so far. The first trimester was a whirl wind of sickness.. I don't think I felt good for more then a few hours for at least two months. It was never one thing. It was always a mix of nausea, back/neck pain, and tummy aches.. Not fun at all. Now that we are in the second trimester we have moved on to headaches and body aches. Oh and killer painful charlie horses in the middle of the night! But much better then the first trimester because if I'm lucky sometimes I have really good days where I feel great! The funniest part of this whole pregnancy is the fact that Stewart experiences a lot of pregnancy symptoms too. He has cravings, his body will ache, and on occasion he gets a lil moody, which is completely unlike him at all. I blame the mixture of hormones floating around and the terrible night shift he works that messes him up so much. But I always get a good laugh when he tell me something he is experiencing and he blames it on the fact we're pregnant... as if he is carrying this lil baby too or something. Hahaha! It doesn't bother me too much though because he helps take care of me so much that I think giving him his lil cravings and things helps me feel like I'm not the only crazy one here. It's nice that he can sympathize with a little bit of this pregnancy madness... 


First doctor appointment! Excuse the graphic poster in the background. Haha!


15 weeks! :)

 Our lil peanut! You can see it's lil alien face!

Being pregnant is EXHAUSTING... :) 

 He likes to sit on the floor and I like the couch, this is how we compromise, yup thats my leg hahaha!

Paige's (my co-worker) depiction of what happens when a baby comes haha!



  1. AWW! That's so cute! I like how you told him! Can't wait til we get to do that! You make me wanna cry when you talk about the baby! You guys are so stinkin cute! Miss you! Love you!

  2. So sweet Bree! Congrats to both of you! You will be amazing parents. :)