Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oh Those Summer Days...

So it has been awhile since we updated the blog, so we figured we would give all our friends and family an update! 

First, baby girl is officially 30 weeks! 75% baked! Or as I like to say, negative 10 weeks old :) She is as adorable as ever, kicking and squirming around. There is nothing I love more then feeling her move. We had a 3D ultrasound last week and it was pretty much the coolest thing EVER! She was being a lil stinker so we didn't get any pictures, and have to go back next week but just seeing her lil face made me fall even more in love with her. I'm kind of excited we get to go back because technically that's just another time we get to see our lil babe. So we officially have had 4 ultrasounds now and EVERY single ultrasound she has her hands by her face! We think she must be obsessed with those suckers because she always has them all cuddled up by her mouth or chin. The only thing we really did get to see was her adorable cheeks, they are ready for some squeezing and kissing that's for sure. I'm counting down the days till we get to see her again, these months have seemed to fly, only two months left! Can you believe it?!

Stewart has been doing fabulous in the police academy. It definitely has not been an easy journey but I have enjoyed watching him grow and better himself. He only has two months left in the academy too. (I know baby and graduation a lil too close together for comfort) I'm so proud of him. I will brag about him because if you knew everything he does for me you would be amazed. He has been my strength through this pregnancy and has still managed to deal with everything he is going through as well. The long nights of writing million word essays and waking up at 3:30a will soon be worth it when he graduates. I cannot wait till that moment. 

Also, we are moving! One thing I will miss about our adorable lil apartment is seeing the Gilbert temple grow everyday. We live right down the street from it and so pulling out of the complex everyday if you look to your left you can see it. Talk about starting your day off right..We are moving from Gilbert to Queen Creek. It will be nice to be close to my parents when the baby comes and also nice to finally have a house. We got extremely lucky on the house we found. It's perfect for us. We love the area we live in now but Queen Creek just worked out so well for us that we didn't really have much of a choice. We are very excited though and can't wait to start this new adventure in our new home. :) 

So YES we will be moving, celebrating our year anniversary, graduating the Police Academy, and having a baby girl, all within the next two months! Wish us luck! We will need it! 

This may sound silly but I am proud of this brick. This sucker was hard to make! Basically Stewart's class got punished and had to carry a brick around with them for a couple weeks. Every person's brick needed to have their first intial, last name, and class # and then name again on the side in 1 inch black block lettering perfectly centered to the point where if you measured it on any of the sides they would all be equal.... And yes at the police academy they do bust out rulers for this stuff and measure it... So block lettering means buying stencils. Black lettering means sharpies. Sharpies means you cant mess up or you will be forced to use sand paper to sand your mistake off the brick. I took on this task myself because my husband is not known for having the best hand writing or crafting skills, not only that but I try to help him out as much as possible, and there is few task I can actually help with besides shining his shoes. After a long night working on the brick without any mistakes, I showed my husband, at that time he decided to informed me that his class number was "464" not "434" like I had written on his brick... I'm not gonna lie, I cried, I'm pregnant and had worked SO hard to make this dumb brick perfect... At that time we busted out the sand paper and redid all the numbers.. It all ended well though because my husband was one of two people who didn't get in trouble for how bad their brick looked. His was used as the example. I was pretty proud of myself, let's just say its not easy to make a perfect brick.

Creepy lil baby we found at the baby store. I guess it weighs as much as really baby so you can test the car seats? Looks like this could be Stewart's child if you ask me haha 

Practicing... :)

The one place that keeps us going. We love the temple :)

25 weeks! 

Our lil munchkins! Being a sunbeams teacher is a lot of fun.

Everyone deserves a good love note. When times get hard and the going gets tough my hubs never fails to make me feel like a million bucks. We have a dry erase marker in our bathroom specifically for notes like this. Yes ladies, these guys are out there and I'm so lucky to have mine.

One of two pics we got at last weeks ultrasound. Not 3D but you can still see her lil face. Check out those lil lips... sighhh... I'm in love with this lil human. She is perfect.

Love Always,
{The Ferrins}

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