Wednesday, February 5, 2014

B's Teepee!

Stewart got some much needed time off this week so we took advantage of the time to do something we have been wanting to do for months... WE BUILT A TEEPEE! And I must say I think I am more in love with this thing than Brylee is. It is just SO stinkin cute! We just kinda winged it as far as putting it together goes. I had looked up a lot of "teepee building" blogs and took a little bit from everything, I did however take the design (the pink and gold decorations) from this blog I just loved them way too much to change anything. We used 6 ft PVC instead of 5 ft, and we did NOT follow the other blog that is linked in her blog on how to cut the duck cloth. The blog had lots of comments on how it just plain didn't work out, so I was reluctant. Probably my favorite thing about this lil teepee is that it cost around $50 to make. I've seen them for $100 plus ($100 was the cheapest I could find) and they weren't even half as cute. Plus then you can really customize it. I like this one because it matches B's room! When we were done we took our teepee to the park and took some pics. Always fun! Some of these just kill me! She's so funny!

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