Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sticky Kisses

Okay so A LOT has happened lately but at the same time nothing super duper exciting, YET! But yesterday was B's half birthday (18 months! Can you believe it?) and I felt like it was time for an update.

I hate to be one of those braggy annoying moms who thinks their kid is the best think that has ever walked the earth but seriously I just love this kid so much. Her adorableness just kills me. Every little thing she does just makes my whole being filled with an unbelievable amount of happiness. Being a mom is amazing and I feel so blessed I get to be this little spirit's mama to let her fill my day with all the giggles and love a human being could possibly handle. Sometimes I feel like my heart is just going to burst! I cannot believe how quickly she is growing and learning. This girl is a tall skinny little thing (obviously gets that from daddy) and I always forget how tall she is until I see her around kids her age, she looks AND acts like a two year old, no joke. Like the other day I was hiding from her in her teepee, she runs up and says "Mummi I see you!" "Lets goooo!" and then she just kept repeating it until I came out and she drags me to the living room where her favorite show had just came on. Where does she get this stuff?! We really have to watch what we say around her because she repeats EVERYTHING. We don't curse but I try to watch my tone or snooty comments to Stewart because I kid you not she will repeat it days later. You never realize how mean you sound till you have a little parrot repeating your every word. I love hearing her voice though. My favorite word she says is Minnie, she say "Mim mee!", and of course when I put her down for bed and she says "mummi nigh nigh" "wuv you." as she waves bye to me. One thing I am super proud of as a mama is she is very polite and helpful. She's always saying thank you, your welcome, is willing to share anything and everything. Most kids don't like cleaning, mine loves it, dishes, sweeping, wiping up messes, she's always willing to help. She's also super girly. She loves her purse, my makeup, and shoes! Oh boy does she love shoes. She will lift her foot and show anyone who says anything about shoes, how cute her shoes are. She loves to play kitchen in her fake little kitchen she got for Christmas. She'll pretend to slurp things from a spoon and give you a taste and go "mmmm good!". She'll also pretend to put salt and pepper on whatever she's cooking. My favorite thing is when she sticks something in the oven or the microwave, she'll turn the lil knob and say "boop boop boop" as she pretends to press the buttons to start it. Seriously kills me every time! I love how I can teach her anything, her little mind is like a sponge and each day she's soaking up so much. It's amazing and a little scary. She's has such a happy loving personality, that's one of my favorite things about her about her.

Parenting is the most scary wonderful thing I've ever done in my life. You never know how much the things you do can impact someone else. But even though I'm not the world greatest cooker, sewer, teacher, DIYer, I can honestly say that I give motherhood 110%. It's something I take very seriously and try my very best at, which sometimes is not easy. I am far far from perfect. I've never been a fan of people who give an image of the unobtainable perfection everyone is always seeking, but I do try pretty dang hard. For me sometimes the low points are the points with the most growth. I'm pretty sure every mom has been hugged by their one year old because THEY are the ones sobbing uncontrollably and freaking their kid out. Some days are just plain hard but MOST days are beyond anything more than I could ever ask for. I have learned to just laugh when things get rough. This might be one of my faults as a parent though because I have a very hard time taking Brylee seriously when she's fake crying, or pouting on the floor, it's so cute, it's unbelievably funny. But I'm proud of the little memories we've created together and the relationship we've built. To say I'm addicted to her laugh, her voice, her smile, her hugs, is an understatement, I crave them, they are everything that makes being a parent so worth it.

Okay so enough about mommy lovey doveyness. How's our little family doing as a whole? Pretty much Stewart has been working like a mad man and I have been going to school. Last semester I thought I could handle the whole driving to Tempe everyday and going to class like a normal person thing, but much to my surprise it was just way to much with Brylee. First off, Stewart works in Tempe so there were days we literally would drive past each other on the freeway him going home, me going to school, me going home, and him driving to work. Who am I kidding it was pretty much everyday... At least once a week we would literally meet half way and trade Brylee. Lots and lots of gas, and all my classes were mornings and late afternoons so I drove to school during rush hour and drove home during rush hour, bleh, no fun! Secondly, my classes required me to spend a lot of time at school outside of classroom time, so it was difficult to have someone watch Brylee longer than anticipated or to try to squeeze five hours of work into three because that's all I had. I feel like ASU just assumes everyone lives on campus and can drop everything whenever they want for a class, which most people do and can, but not me! So these factors led me to switch to online. Yippee! I honestly like the classroom environment but the flexibility of online just works better for me. I feel like it's actually a lot more work, but because I can get it done when B takes a nap or goes to bed or when Stewart is home, overall it is just easier for me. So that's that. Stewart had some exciting opportunities come his way. I can't say anything yet because of course nothing is for sure for sure but we should hopefully have lots of good news soon. Prayers and good vibes our way are much appreciated! ;)

We are also in the process of looking to buy a house. FINALLY!!!! My father-in-law is a realtor and is so helpful and awesome, so we are excited and nervous to get that ball rolling. Anyone who knows me knows I just love love houses, looking at house, designing houses, anything to do with a house I'm all there, so I'm stoked to finally make a place our own. Stewart is really good at jumping on board with all my DIY  house ideas, so I can't wait to finally put it all into action. Also, bigger house, means hopefully more lil babies to add to our little fam bam! EXCITING! Although, I sort of dread being pregnant again. AND they say you forget what labor was like, I definitely have not forgotten. Not looking forward to that. But it is so so worth it. I would do it a gazillion times over to have our sweet Brylee. :)

That's all for now! Hopefully we will have more for you all soon!


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